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2015 Workshop Topics

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Below is the tentative list of workshops designed to offer multiple learning opportunities for all conference attendees.

beltAdult Occupant Protection Track/Vehicle Technology
Workshop Descriptions
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  • Effectively Enforcing & Messaging to Increase Rural Seat Belt Use
  • Unbelted: Perspectives on Nighttime Enforcement Strategies
  • Leveraging LELs to Bolster Law Enforcement Support of Your Occupant Protection Program
  • Working With the Medical and Public Health Communities to Increase Occupant Protection
  • Putting Data to Work to Enhance, Pass Seat Belt Laws
  • How Am I Doing? Using Data to Plan and Evaluate Your OP Program
  • Can Technology Convince the Hard Core Seat Belt Naysayer?
  • Stopping the Crash Before It Happens: Collision Avoidance Technology & More
  • But My Law is Secondary! New Approaches to Overcoming This Hurdle

lawCommunications Track Workshop Descriptions back to top

  • Social Media: The Lanquage of Millennials
  • Is Anybody Listening? Reaching the Right Audience with the Right Message
  • Embracing Your Shoestring Budget: Penny-Pincher Communications
  • Free Marketing Resources to Support Your Campaign

lawCriminal Justice/Law Enforcement Track Workshop Descriptions back to top

  • Prosecuting DUI Cases By Effectively Using the SFST Manual
  • Concentrates, Edibles, Popular Drug E-Devices & Their Relationship/Popularity With Impaired Driving
  • Law Enforcement Professionalism: Doing the Right Things to the Right People for the Right Reasons
  • Oral Fluid in DUID Cases
  • Marijuana Impaired Driving Cases - Overcoming Challenges
  • Why You Don't See What You Thought You Saw: Limitations of Mobile Video Recording
  • Marijuana: The Gateway…To Legitimacy?
  • DUI Silver Bullets
  • Enhancing Response to Traffic Incidents Through Public Safety Consolidation
  • What Role Can the Judiciary Play in Your State's Efforts to Reduce Impaired Driving?

distracted drivingDistracted Driving Track Workshop Descriptions back to top

  • Distracted Driving Overview: New Issues and Emerging Trends
  • Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Working with Parents to Educate the Next Generation of Drivers
  • Leveraging the Latest Research to Inform Your Distracted Driving Message.
  • Taking Action: From Tragedy to Advocacy
  • An App for That? How Employers are Using Technologyand Education to Address Distracted Driving
  • Innovative & Effective Distracted Driving Enforcement and Communications Strategies

driveImpaired Driving Track Workshop Descriptions back to top
  • Mobilizing the Public to Report Impaired Drivers
  • Strategies for Getting Ignition Interlocks for First Offenders in Your State
  • What’s New in Drugged Driving Research
  • Driving High:  How Colorado & Washington Are Addressing Legalized Marijuana
  • Implementing DUI No Refusal
  • Best Practices in Addressing Underage Drinking
  • A Fresh Look at Sobriety Checkpoints, a Proven Countermeasure
  • Victim Impact Panel:  Working With Survivors
  • Advocating for Impactful DUI Child Endangerment Laws

childOccupant Protection for Children Track Workshop Descriptions back to top

  • Curbside Law Enforcement Training Opportunities
  • Lower Connectors & Tethers for Children Update (1.5 CEUs)
  • Serving Rural Families: Understanding the Issues, Implementing Solutions
  • Making the Most of Your State Highway Safety Office
  • Child Restraint Manufacturers’ Latest Technology Panel (2 sessions-1.5 CEUs each)
  • Reducing Liability at Your Community Event
  • Addressing the Transportation Needs of Infants and Children with Special Needs
  • What’s New in OPC Research? (1.5 CEUs)
  • Habla Espanol? Effectively Engaging Hispanic Families
  • New School-Based Safety/Educational Programs: Getting Your Foot in the Door
  • The OPC Mix, Daycare, Boosters & Community Education
  • Court Education Programs and CPS: What Works?

adhocOther Highway Safety Priorities Track Workshop Descriptions back to top

  • Who Is the NTSB and Why Are They at the Scene of My Crash?
  • Seat Belts and Impaired Driving - Costly Public Health Threats
  • How Safe is YOUR Roadside?
  • LARGE Vehicles = LARGE Crashes = LARGE Problems
  • Safety Data Uses and Issues for the Native American Nations
  • State Highway Safety Assessments - How to Use Them As a Blue Print for Success and Changing CULTURE!
  • Poster Dash! 60 Minutes That Will Change Your Life

teen safetyTeen Traffic Safety Track Workshop Descriptions back to top

  • New Insights on the Effectiveness of Driver Education & Training
  • Helping Parents Make Good Choices:  Optimizing Supervised Driving
  • Strategies to Increase GDL Enforcement and Compliance
  • Protecting Older Novice Drivers Who Delay Licensure
  • Adopting Successful Teen Safe Driving Programs from Other States
  • Building Evaluation into Your Teen - Led and Other Traffic Safety Programs
  • Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Distracted: Keeping Teens Safe through Peer-Led Approaches
  • Policy and Enforcement Strategies to Prevent Underage Drinking

beltVulnerable Population Workshop Descriptions back to top

  • Performance Measures Matter: Tips and Techniques for Collecting & Leveraging Bike/Pedestrian Data
  • Officials That "Get It:" Making Communities Pedestrian & Bike Friendly
  • Partnerships & Strategies for Leveraging the 3 E's for Bike and Pedestrian Safety
  • Bike Share Programs: Promoting Ridership & Ensuring Rider Safety
  • Technology & Enforcement Strategies to Prevent Bike and Pedestrian Injuries
  • Keeping Adult Roadway Users Safe Via Community-Based Coalitions
  • Rx for Safety: The Medically Impaired Driver...Connecting the Dots
  • New Approaches to Accommodate Older Pedestrians
  • Real World Solutions (you can implement today) for Addressing Older Drivers
  • Fewer Fatalities Involve Older Drivers, Is the Problem Solved?
  • DUI or Dementia, Older Driver Medical Impairments
  • Motorcycles and Integrated Technology on Highways
  • States and the Motorcycle Safety Incubators
  • Teachable Moments and Advances in Motorcycle Rider Training
  • Successful Strategies to Ward Off Repeal or to Pass Motorcycle Helmet Laws

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