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2014 Workshops

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Below is a tentative list of workshops that will be covered at the 2014 Conference.

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beltAdult Occupant Protection Track/Vehicle Technology
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  • Driverless Cars, Cars That "Talk" to Each Other, Forward Collision Warning and More
  • Air Bags Everywhere? The Latest on New Tests, Rules and Technologies to Protecting Vehicle
  • Buckle Up: Law Enforcement Successes and Challenges
  • Upgrading State Laws for all Vehicle Occupants: The Path to Successful Advocacy
  • Diverse Populations: Techniques to Increase Seat Belt Use
  • Motorcoach Safety: First Ever Comprehensive Regulations to Protect all Riders - Belts are on the Way
  • What's Happening in the Occupant Protection World?
  • Reframing Occupant Protection: Innovative Strategies to Improve Seat Belt Use

lawCommunications Track back to topclick HERE to view workshop descriptions.

  • Guerrilla Tactics: Putting a New Spin on Traffic Safety
  • Beyond Facebook: Taking Social Media and New Media to the Next Step
  • Expanding Your Reach Through Partnerships
  • Marketing Resources to Support Your Campaigns

lawCriminal Justice Track back to topclick HERE to view workshop descriptions.

  • Understanding the Judicial Perspective on Enhancing Traffic Safety: Common Goal, Different
  • Marijuana and Driving: Trials and Tribulations
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  • The Sovereign Citizen Movement and Traffic Safety: Identification, Investigation and Prosecution
  • "HIGH"way Driving: Trends in Drugged Driving
  • Eight Questions a Prosecutor/Officer Should Ask When Finding a Cell Phone at a Crash Scene
  • "Am I Detained?" Handling Difficult Scenarios Roadside
  • The HIPAA Battlefield: Combat Strategies, Blood Draws and Medical Records
    Camp 2
  • Take 30 for Traffic
  • Returning Veterans: Unique Traffic Safety Issues for Law Enforcement
  • Automated Enforcement Technologies: Creating Transparency in Program Operatives

distracted drivingDistracted Driving Track back to topclick HERE to view workshop descriptions.

  • Overview of Distracted Driving
  • Distracted Driving Enforcement: What's New? What's Working?
  • Educating the Public: Best Practices and Promising Approaches
  • Tools for Advocates - Engaging Policymakers to Create Change
  • New Findings from Distracted Driving Research
  • Why and How Employers are Implementing Distracted Driving Policies
  • What the Auto and Consumer Electronics Industries are Doing to Address Distracted Driving

driveImpaired Driving Track back to top click HERE to view workshop descriptions.
  • Increasing Visibility of Impaired Driving Enforcement
  • Controlled party dispersal and Source Investigation: A Strategy to Combat Impaired Driving
  • .05 vs .08 - What Does the Research Say?
  • Drugged Driving: What's Driving the Numbers
  • High in Plain Sight: Current Alcohol, Drug, and Concealment Trends and Identifiers
  • No Refusal
  • Technology Applications to Reduce Impaired Driving
  • Ignition Interlock Technology: An Update for States
  • Casanova-Powell
  • Victim Impact Panel

childOccupant Protection for Children Track back to topclick HERE to view workshop descriptions.

  • Increasing Seat Belt Use for Post-Booster Seat Children and Beyond
  • Children In and Around Cars: A Comprehensive Look at Prevention Strategies
  • Strategies and Practices for Developing Strong Hospital-Based OPC Programs
  • How to Use Data to Develop and Evaluate Your CPS Program
  • Building Capacity: How to Grow, Maintain and Keep Technicians Active
  • School Buses: Regulations and Best Practices (1.5 CEUs)
  • Explaining LATCH and Labeling Curbside (1.5 CEUs)
  • Bringing At-Risk Community Partners to the OPC Table
  • Diving into New Revised Curricula: CPS Certification, Special Needs and Ambulance
  • Creative CPS Partnerships and Programs: New Ideas, New Approaches
  • What's New in Research, Part 1
  • What's New In Research, Part 2 (1.5 CEUs)
  • What's New in Research, Part 3 (1.5 CEUs)

adhocOther Highway Safety Priorities Track back to topclick HERE to view workshop descriptions.

  • Dispelling Myths & Exploring Facts: Stopping Large Trucks and Buses is a Lifesaver
  • When the Feds Show Up - Managing Communications Following a Major Crash
  • Managing the Crash - How to Ensure Responders and Motorists Get Home and Safely
  • Perspectives on Speed Management - Looking at Speed from a New Angle
  • Implementing Recent Changes in Drivers Licensing Laws
  • Safety Cultures, Perceptions and Attitudes - The Impact on Highway Safety
  • Native American Programs Working Together for Tribal Safety

teen safetyTeen Traffic Safety Track back to topclick HERE to view workshop descriptions.

  • Parents and GDL Compliance: Current Trends and Elements of a Good Parent Program
  • Generation Buckle Up
  • Adopting Successful Teen Driving Programs from Other States
  • Delayed Licensure: Trends, Impact and Solutions
  • Latest Research in Assessing Teen Driving Skill: Validating Tools
  • Out with the Old School - Current Innovative Curricula for Driver Ed
  • Systematic Approach to Traffic Safety Programs: Design, Selection, Evaluation
  • Creative Approaches to GDL Enforcement - Overcoming the Challenge

beltVulnerable Populations back to topclick HERE to view workshop descriptions.

  • Tools and Resources to Address Medical Fitness to Drive
  • Enhancing Law Enforcement and Administrative Capacity for Older Driver Safety
  • Baby Boomers: The Next Older Drivers?
  • Older Drivers and New In-Vehicle Technologies
  • Training: An Effective Tool For ALL Motorcycle Safety Stakeholders
  • Engaging High-Risk Riders - Lessons Learned
  • The Great Debate: Why and How Should Motorcycle Enforcement Be Conducted?
  • Planning for Success: Using Data, Resources and Strategic Planning for Pedestrian Safety
  • Tools & Technology for Pedestrian and Bike Safety
  • Distracted Pedestrians: Trends and New Findings
  • Engineering for Health: Enhancements & Partnerships for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
  • Collection and use of Data for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
  • Successful Enforcement Campaigns

Previous Workshops

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